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How to Sell: Sleeping Bag Shapes and Sizes

People sleep in so many different positions it’s virtually impossible that one sleeping bag will serve every need. That’s why you should find out just what your customers need in terms of shapes and sizes of sleeping bags in one of our December Retail College Chapters titled “How to Sell: Sleeping Bag Shapes and Sizes.”

How to Sell: Summer Trekking Poles

Are your customers in the market for summer trekking poles? Learn how to explain the value of this purchase with SNEWS Retail College: How to Sell Summer Trekking Poles.

How to Sell: Water-resistant Down

Today’s down isn’t afraid of water. Read our latest Retail College chapter to find out how nature’s best insulator has become water-resistant — and why it’s time to shift your customers’ down paradigm.

How to Sell: Hydration Reservoirs

What's the best way for your customers to stay hydrated on their hikes, rides and runs? Read this Retail College on hydration reservoirs to help them find the proper size, closure, hose and accessories.